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I don’t know really what to call myself, really, for this London Dear site. Photographer, essayist, emotional geographer, blogger, cultural observer, half-baked urban anthropologist–take all those terms and blend them together, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

From late August of 2009 until mid-November 2010 I lived in London as I attended the School of Oriental and African Studies for my Master’s degree in Anthropology of Food. While I lived in the city during that time, I became fascinated with London, and took a prolific amount of photographs while I wandered around its streets during my day-to-day life. Many of these photographs were featured on my blogs Abandoned in London and Tasty Fever.

I was in Orlando, Florida until I saved up enough money to move back to London on a post-study work visa in August 2011. While there, I worked at Stardust Video & Coffee, a café that’s also a bar/venue/meet-up spot in Orlando that seems like it belongs in its own Empire Records-esque film. You couldn’t make our cast of regulars up, and the rest of the staff are a delight. I fussed with its website as well as baked, served coffee, poured beer and mix drinks (poorly) for its clientele.

I’m now back in London, trying to figure out how I fit into the city’s 8 million.

I’ve had photography previously featured in Fire & Knives magazine (issue 3) and on The Londonist. Please have a look at the other messes I’ve made on the internet:

If you do the social networking thing, you can follow me on Twitter. I’m also on, Goodreads and Instagram, although I update all of these on a very irregular basis, as I do this blog.

Lately I’ve also been trying to come to grips with the inequalities within London (as well as within the world in general) and seeing if we can’t all get together and give those things a bit of a poke.


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  1. Hey, there. Clark Shepard here. E-mail me your street address. I have some letters to mail to you. I’m at Do it now!

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