London Moves: The People We See, Volume 1

Because I’m commuting a lot more from place to place in London for my job, I spend a good deal of time on London’s transportation system. I’ve also spend a good deal of time walking, but I’ll come to that in another post.

Today, as I pinged from Muswell Hill to Mayfair, Soho to Fitzrovia to Soho again, Piccadilly to Chelsea, then somehow back to Stokey, I saw a range of Londoners, as well as quite a few tourists in spots like Carnaby Street, Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus. My iPod’s battery had run out, so I was a lot more aware today of the conversations around me and the people who were having them, as well as the quiet folks who kept to themselves, yet were rather remarkable.

Today I saw primary school students in Crouch End form a giddy throng on the sidewalk.

Today I saw a woman in a coffee shop in Mayfair not finish her salad in a way that was a horrible waste of perfectly good spinach. She showed off the guy she was seeing to her two friends, as there was a picture of him on her phone. I’m still slightly upset by the amount of spinach she left.

Today I saw a trio of Filipinas with a buggy, taking photos alongside Regent Street. In fact, because I was on Carnaby Street, Regent Street and in Piccadilly, I saw a lot of people taking photos. I probably walked in on some inadvertently.

Sorry, folks.

Today I saw a young kid on the 22 in a school uniform of maroon corduroy knee-shorts with long socks. No jacket or coat. I had a horrible thought that he might’ve gotten beaten up for his jacket or coat at school. He might have just forgotten it.

Also on the 22 I saw women who were properly West London. They had a veneer of perfect make-up and looked as if they stepped out of the Hobbs dressing room, clad in pretty woolen coats and leather gloves. They made you think of the words “well-to-do” and many of them were getting off at Sloane Square, where the Christmas lights are quite lovely. Have a look at them if you’re in the area, or riding past on the 22.

Finally, today I saw a man, a wonderful older gentleman, with a red satchel and a black beret, holding a guitar case. He wore half-moon glasses, and I thought he was magnificent. A classic rider of the 73 if I’ve ever seen one.

Did you see anyone remarkable today or recently? I’ll update this blog with more observances of people seen on the commute.


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  1. I love this kind of post. It’s the little details you pick up on when you’re travelling about, all these lives colliding – my ideal thing would be travelling around London, people watching. Sounds like your job is pretty close (but probably with more beer) 🙂

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