A Pint of Pale Ale in the Wild City

I work in a pub now.

I’ve never worked in a pub before, but my employment at Stardust back in Orlando has prepped me well to work in a place with regulars getting drinks, and my own geeky knowledge of beer has managed to give me enough know-how to describe and recommend a handful of lagers and ales. Given that I like beer and I’m quite fond of being in pubs (see TastyFever.com), it seemed like a natural progression to work in one.

As someone trained in anthropology, I can’t help but observe people, and a pub (along with other drinking places) is a fantastic place to watch people be human. The crowds that gather in the evenings, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, are a showcase of human drama: exuberance, pathos, fury, love, lust, despondence, hesitance, boldness and humour. In my short time collecting spent glasses and pouring fresh pints and halves, the array of facial expressions I’ve seen could fill a wonderful book that could break your heart and swell it back up again.

So there we are.

I had my first Sunday roast this past Sunday, thus enjoying a fine British tradition thanks to a Turkish chef, eaten with my French coworker. How very London.

At night, walking back from work, I like spotting kitties having a nocturnal wander and especially foxes searching for snacks. I love the feel of a wild city, where despite roads and signs and separated bins and gates and buildings, there are still cracks where nature asserts itself in the form of a fox slinking into a front garden or an overgrown cemetery. London is lovely in that way, and I think it’s a wildness that seems less tolerated in American cities, though it does exist. Orlando has roaming peacocks that I used to periodically see on my way to work at the library, as well as racoons, opossums and armadillos. It’s just that most of the latter ones I’d see would unfortunately be dead on the side of the road, thanks to the dominance of cars.

Other things are afoot, but I’m still trying to process them in my spare time, if I can carve out spare moments. I still work at my other job, and I have other things I’m working on here and there when I can sort some time out for them. I’m to go next week to the UK RumFest, which could be good or possibly ridiculous, I’m not sure. I’ll talk about it more in the food blog. I’m not really much of a rum drinker, but I’ve baked cakes that I’ve poured a rum and sugar syrup over. Those are quite good. I miss baking, but at the moment I don’t have the time nor the extra money to afford ingredients for the treats I made back in Florida. Hopefully soon, though. There’s something to be said for being able to create something, especially something you can share with others.


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