Pack it up, pack it in

Firstly, I should say: I got my visa.

:::victory laps!:::

So I leave for London next week… five days, actually. Yeah, I don’t mess about, especially when the visa was dated to start at the end of July, as opposed to 6 August as I had requested (*sigh*). I’ve started packing, but I don’t know how many of you have ever packed for a move to a whole other country, or even from one US coast to the other, but if you haven’t, let me just say: it’s not so fun. Especially if you’re a bibliophile trying to keep your luggage under the weight limit. Already I see the probable need to post some books to myself, because one of my suitcases feels as if I’ve got a dead body in it.

There’s still so much for me to pack, though! If and when the TSA folks go through my luggage, they’re bound to furrow a brow or two at the contents of my suitcases: copious amounts of yarn/wool, a knitting bag I’ve also stuffed with loads of little bottles from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, cookbooks (including a Peter Rabbit cookbook), a huge book on alcohol, another book on drinking habits, a canister of tea, another canister of tea that actually houses deodorant, a few aprons, a DVD box set of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, measuring cups and spoons, probably a bottle of Knobb Creek if I can maybe pack some of the heavier books in my carry-on….

In other words, they’re going to be going through the possessions of an alcoholic with ridiculously twee sensibilities, a fondness for being in the kitchen and a penchant for knitting and bourbon.

I need to sort my luggage out better, but it’s really difficult to pack for a “forever” sort of trip. It’s not a matter of trying to sort out what you’re going to need for a week or two, but rather what you’ll need for at least a couple months. Last year it seemed to have gotten cold quite early–I remember wearing a jacket in August–so should I go ahead and pack one of my lighter coats now? Or should I throw it in a box to be posted to me later?

There is a little storage unit in Stoke Newington that has some of my possessions from my previous London life. I think I also left a coat among a handful of other random in my gentleman friend’s house, and there’s three boxes of assorted miscellaneous things that are hopefully still in the attic of my old residence in Clapton Pond that I will also hopefully be able to have access to, depending on whether or not I am able to make contact with someone who lived there while I was living there. If not, well, hopefully whatever I left there hasn’t been sold off in some sidewalk sale and that the current tenants are nice enough to let some American lady root around in their attic for a hot minute.

Despite the fuss over packing and slightly worrying if any of my belongings are now rehoused elsewhere in Clapton, I’m ready for the move. This time next week, I’ll be trying to get my body’s time clock to match a London rhythm, and probably kicking myself for not packing something or another.


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